Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kelley Direct Prepares Online MBA Students for the Free Agent Economy

Kelley Online MBA’s Learn Importance of Personal Branding & Adaptability
We Teach Our MBA Students How to Manage Their Professional Development

MBA programs used to be designed to help students land their dream jobs after graduation. At Kelley Direct, we prepare students for dream careers.
In today’s global economy, people are changing jobs more rapidly due to technological advances and globalization. On average, employees in Silicon Valley switch positions every 15 months. We call this type of environment the “free agent economy,” and it changes the way students look for jobs and promotions.

We recognize that most of our students are somewhere in the middle regarding the new and old job search models. We want to help you navigate this fog of confusion. So we prepare you for the new model, which encompasses everything you need for the old method, too.

Kelley Online MBA’s Learn Importance of Personal Branding & Adaptability

At Kelley Direct, we have a specific curriculum for professional developmentPROPEL. The biggest topic we stress for our students is how to maintain their personal brand online as well as their adaptability to new environments.

The old model of job searching is solely based on resumes and static first impressions. The new model expands this to include personal branding, agility, and a dynamic first impression based on social media and portfolios.

Not only do you need to learn these skills in order to switch jobs so that you can find new positions, but many companies also require employees to resell themselves every two or three years.

We Teach Our MBA Students How to Manage Their Professional Development

In this environment, you have to take control. So we teach you to manage your professional development. Though corporations used to invest time and resources into employee growth, those programs have declined with the economy.

In 2010, our resident MBA program introduced Me Inc., designed to help prepare students for the free agent economy. This curriculum helped our resident MBA program earn the #1 rank for career services from Businessweek.

PROPEL takes the best parts of Me Inc. and combines it with the latest career development tools and strategies for our online MBA students because we believe that an MBA program should go beyond the traditional career model and prepare you for the free agent economy. That’s what we do.

Click the graphic below to see how preparing for a career in the new free agent economy differs from the traditional career model:

By Phil Powell, Faculty Chair of Kelley Direct
Stay tuned for more blog posts about career advancement from the Kelley School Graduate Career Services office. They are a great resource for our online MBA and MS students.
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