Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kelley Faculty Bring Unmatched Combination of Innovation, Accessibility & Research to the Online Classroom

Kelley Direct faculty members are resident to the Kelley School.  Unlike other online MBA programs, we do not outsource instruction.  Many of our scholar teachers are tenured researchers who provide valuable insights to the market.  They are the same faculty members who deliver award-winning instruction in our top ranked residential and evening MBA programs.


Faculty Research Shapes the Way Business Happens

Professor Randy Heron Kelley SchoolOur faculty members conduct research that shapes the way business happens.  Research is the discovery of new knowledge.  This knowledge forms the backbone of content for our online MBA classes.  This is content that does not yet appear in cases and textbooks.  Exposure to this early knowledge and possession of ideas that few others have makes Kelley online MBA students competitive in the job market.

Professor Randy Heron embodies the Kelley scholar teacher.  A finance scholar with two dozen teaching awards to his name, Professor Heron co-authored an article that linked statistical anomalies in stock returns with fraudulent backdating of options among corporate executives.  The article received a best paper award from the Journal of Financial Economics and inspired a series of investigative articles in the Wall Street Journal that won a Pulitzer Prize.  Professor Heron uses these findings to inspire both ethical behavior and creative analytical thinking among managers who enroll in his Kelley Direct finance courses.

Online interaction between students and faculty members moves research both ways.  Always on the prowl to answer practical questions, faculty members leverage the wisdom of Kelley Direct’s working professionals to generate data and research ideas.  For example, Professor Matt Semadeni recently surveyed online MBA students on their appraisal of executive performance.   This informed Professor Semadeni’s nationally recognized research on the division of labor between CEOs and Board Chairpersons in the Fortune 500.



Kelley Students Envision a Course, Faculty Members Make it Happen

Shared creation between students and faculty members is an emerging theme at Kelley Direct.  Merger of faculty research expertise with new course needs expressed by students keeps the curriculum fresh and relevant.  Bottom-up innovation of this nature is a strength that insures a top ranking among online graduate programs.  

Members of the Kelley Direct Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club wanted a class or conference to teach them skills in business plan pitching to angel investors or venture capitalists.  Faculty advisor and Indiana Venture Faculty Fellow Professor Todd Saxton did them one better.  He worked with the club leadership and Kelley Direct office to offer a new elective “Business Models and Venture Ecosystems” during summer 2014 that will include online instruction and bring students to Indianapolis for three days for The Innovation Showcase to meet and interact with hundreds of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Some have even applied to pitch! Saxton's entrepreneurial teachings and work in the venture community are both informed by his research in this area, and vice versa.

Faculty Mentors Support Kelley Direct Students On & Off Campus

Faculty members not only co-create knowledge and curricula with students, they coach them through solutions to real projects and networks for professional development.

During Kelley Connect Week, our one-week immersion course in Bloomington campus that emphasizes networking and action-based learning, faculty members coach students through a live case.  Faculty coaches meet each day with their team.  They help team members frame problems, brainstorm solutions, and break bottlenecks in team dynamics. 

When the Kelley Direct Marketing Club leaders sought speakers for their recent marketing conference in Chicago, they turned to their marketing professors for help. Professor Kim Saxton, who recently won the 2014 President’s Award for Teaching, connected the club to local marketing professionals in her network.  This enabled an impressive roster of speakers that focused on social media and untested new marketing approaches.

Innovation, accessibility, and research scholarship define a uniquely powerful combination that Kelley School faculty bring to the online classroom that is unmatched by any other top ranked business school.

By Phil Powell, Faculty Chair of Kelley Direct

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