Friday, March 7, 2014

Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association Launches New Website for 2014

Introducing the Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association

On behalf of the Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association (SLA), I'd like to welcome the new Spring 2014 cohort to the Kelley Direct Online MBA program. We're looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming Kelley Connect Week in Bloomington! 

I also wanted to take this time to tell you and our fellow KD students about the SLA and some of our major initiatives over the past year. The SLA is a network of student leaders who serve as representatives of the Kelley Direct community and provide opportunities for student involvement. The SLA serves as a liaison between the Kelley Direct Student Body and faculty and administrators, as well as other organizations within the Kelley School of Business. The SLA also serves as advocate to promote student involvement and student leadership initiatives.

The SLA serves our online MBA and MS students in many ways

  • We are a conduit for the students’ opinions and voices to be heard by administration.
  • We give feedback to the staff and administration on proposed program changes from the student’s perspective. 
  • We provide new students an opportunity to be paired with a mentor or experienced students the opportunity to mentor.
  • We help our student clubs recruit members and promote their events.
  • We helps Kelley Direct bring new quality students into the program.

Major SLA Initiatives in 2013 - 2014

1.           New

This fledgling new Kelley Direct SLA website is meant to be a place for students to get involved with others outside of their classes and a place to exchange ideas and issues and plan meet-ups around the world.  It is also the place where they can find more information about the various clubs or get into contact with SLA members for help.

2.           Club webinars

Many of our clubs started hosting webinars with great speakers directly from the industry who share information relevant to their members and other interested students.  Topics of past webinars have included:
  • Connecting Providers & Patients: Navigating Haystacks of Needles
  • “Real World” Considerations for Securing Capital to Start and Sustain a New Business Venture
  • Healthcare Reform and Pay for Performance

3.           Mentoring

The SLA partners interested 1st year students with experienced 2nd year students in a mentoring relationship.  Through the mentorship program students are able to build personal relationships and receive advice and guidance from other students.  Interested students can email for more information about becoming a mentor or mentee.


Rachel Dressler

SLA President
Kelley Direct Online MBA & MS Programs

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