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37 Marketing Tips & Insights from the 2013 Kelley Direct Marketing Conference Speakers

On March 30, 2013 students and faculty from the Kelley Direct MBA program (Indiana University – Bloomington, IN) and their guests gathered in theWit Hotel to learn from marketing experts from the Chicago area. The speakers covered a full spectrum of multi- channel marketing topics from digital media and online marketing to direct marketing and promotional products. Three of the conference attendees combined their notes to give you the 37 marketing tips, insights and tools in this post. A big thank you goes out to the speakers and their companies for spending their whole Saturday with our group to bring real-world knowledge into our MBA education.

8 Media Marketing Tips & Insights from Starcom Global

Speaker: Monse Moreno | Starcom Global

1. Attention is the scarcest resource today - people are now able to sort information in the blink of an eye
2. “Ad avoidance” is stronger than ever before

  • a. partially due to media multi-tasking (checking email on a tablet while texting friends on the smart phone all while watching TV show)

3. TV is still one of the best ways to reach the most people very quickly. This makes it a good vehicle for branding.
4. Newspapers are one of the most trusted media platforms and can be very effective for local advertising (event announcements, coupons, etc.)
5. Mobile is the #1 digital device

  • 52% of mobile use is in the home
  • Real-time, in-store advertising is a big opportunity

6. With new media landscape - there is a proliferation of media choices

  • Consider reaction and control, consumer landscape, trends, diversity
  • With regards to the internet - don’t try to do everything just because you can.

7. Non-traditional households are becoming the new normal. Minorities are 35% of the US population (that’s huge!) Have you changed your advertising approach?

  • Each media channel reaches all or part of the consumer funnel differently. Think about your objectives before deciding upon a call-to-action.

8. People spend about 32 hours a month on the internet. That’s almost a full work week!

7 Promotional Marketing Tips & Insights from HALO Branded Solutions

Speaker: Terry McGuire | HALO Branded Solutions

1. The lack of attention is not an issue when using promotional products. It is assumed you’ll only look at the brand for an instant, but the difference is you’ll do this repeatedly over time because people hold onto these products for a long time. The products emotionally bond people to the events/occasions/locations where they received them.
2. Promotional products have some of the lowest costs per impression when it comes to advertising
3. Repeat business makes up the majority of a distributor’s sales – people like dependable providers.

  • This is changing as more and more online e-commerce distributors start coming online

4. The two largest promotional products organizations (that you can use for research) are:

5. Product quality means more in today’s world because folks are becoming more sophisticated – people may have a negative reaction to cheaper products
6. Product safety is a very large concern as more distributors try to source cheaper products from overseas for a competitive advantage
7. You have to pick the appropriate product for your campaign – a promotional beach towel for a spring break resort makes sense, your audience will keep that towel for a long time and remember that week of fun. That might not be true if you try to give them a magnet or calculator.

15 Online Marketing Tips, Tools & Insights from Third Coast Digital / Chicago Digital / LeadMD

How to stay current with the online marketing trends:

1. Get involved with the online communities and forums
2. Network with subject matter experts
3. Talk to your co-workers regularly about what they’ve learned
4. Examples of good sites to follow:

Things to do to create a strong online brand for yourself and get noticed:

5. Give back to the community, share whatever you know
6. Writing is huge, start a blog and write guest posts on others’ sites and blogs
7. Experiment a lot, that’s how you gain experience
8. Find in-person communities via Meetup and Eventbrite
9. Meet people outside of your industry to get different viewpoints (connect based on hobbies, charity, etc.)
10. Participate in Twitter chats

Online marketing tools that the pros use:

11. Analytics

  • Google Analytics – free website activity tracking tool
  • Google Webmaster Tools – monitoring site health
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst – paid tracking tool

12. Social Media Management

  • Sprout Social
  • HootSuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • - URL shortener (helps on Twitter)
  • Pinterest

13. SEO/Content

  • SEOMoz - online marketing community
  • Serpico – link building
  • HitTail - helps finding long-tail KW’s
  • WordPress - blogging
  • Marketo - marketing automation

14. SalesForce – CRM and cloud computing
15. AdWords – pay-per-click advertising

Join the Conversation: Are there any online marketing tools that aren't mentioned here that you find useful for your work? (let us know in the comments)

7 Sales & Marketing Tips and Insights from LinkedIn

Speaker: Evan Klein | LinkedIn

1. It’s all about relationships. Make a “network nurturing” process for yourself to more easily stay in touch with people. Reaching out for a favor out of the blue will be less effective than if you have been in contact recently.
2. 30% sales leads are generated by Marketing

  • Marketing can help increase reach through the sales team by creating a central hub of content on the LinkedIn company page. Post everything there first, then each sales person simply has to click “share” and they’re done.
  • You want a happy marriage between sales and marketing instead of the usual arguing

3. 75% of B2B purchasers are influenced by social media
4. 57% of buying decisions are made before a sales rep gets involved
5. Cold calls fail 97% of the time

  • This is a huge waste of time
  • “Do not call” lists for business numbers already exist in Europe, they’ll be coming to the US sooner or later 

6. Use your relationships to introduce you to people (only 2nd degree, not 3rd degree connections)

  • Treat this as a favor, abusing this will harm relationships
  • Give the person you’re asking an “out”
  • Make it easy for the person you’re asking to help you by ghostwriting the email you want them to send to their connection

7. Data science will determine how to increase visits to your site and improve content. But you have to access and analyze the data. Whoever can do this will see big wins.

More Insights from the Kelley Direct Marketing Conference

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You can also find more tips from the conference by searching for #KDConference on Twitter.

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