Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amazing 2011-12 Online MBA Graduate Salary Data

By Darren Klein, Kelley Direct Staff

Every year we collect data from our graduating students.  We want to understand the impact that earning the Kelley MBA online through Kelley Direct Programs is having on their careers.  We also want to understand the return our students are getting on their investment.  For the class of 2011-12, the outcomes continue to be outstanding.  Specifically:

  • The average salary three months after graduation was $104,160.  This is a 36% increase over the average salary of the graduates when they started the program.
  • Over 66% of our graduates received a promotion during their time in the program.
  • Based on this data, the average amount of time for our graduates to receive a full pay back on their investment in their online MBA is 2 years.
For 2012 graduate Katie Davis, the impact of her Kelley education has been immediate.  Since starting the program, she has been promoted 4 times at Ingersoll-Rand.  "The coursework with Kelley really has enabled me to grow, and it's enabled me to accept new challenges."


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