Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Blog - Brian Brecheisen

Hey there, KD!! I hope this blog finds you well. I can't believe it, but it's the beginning of the end. I have one last assignment, and I am going to be finishing the MBA program. It's been a fun, long journey, but I'm excited for my next steps. I am not quite sure what they are yet, but I am excited for the future, especially the ability to read what I want to again.

Well, as promised KD, here's a blog from a guest blogger, and friend of mine, Brian Brecheisen. He's a Power Systems Engineer at Nucor Steel. We met during my in-residence course, and have been fast friends. We figured out that we are both from Northern Indiana, and were at a time, both engineers. He was also my roommate for the Washington Campus for Public Policy experience. For the guest blog, I asked him to share some information about himself, and his experiences in the KD program. I have listed his information below. Happy Reading!

Name: Brian Brecheisen

Time in the KD Program: 20 months, started in February 2010

Occupation: Electrical Power Systems Engineer at Nucor Steel

Location: Blytheville, AR

Degree Program: MBA/MSSM Dual Degree

Why did you choose KD?
I, first, learned of KD from friend from my undergraduate college, Rose-Hulman.  He told me about how flexible the program was and all of the interesting people he had met and worked with in the program.  Also, I was familiar with KD because the Kelley School has a great reputation in the Midwest.

Key Experiences in the KD program.
I really enjoyed both in residence courses.  The first year was great because we all got to meet before our program really got started.  I was able to build on my relationships in the first year by working with those individuals in some class projects.  The second year was even more enjoyable because we all got to reconnect after working together for a year. 
Another great experience was the course in Public Policy, which I attended in Washington DC in September.  This was a very interesting course which I would recommend to everyone.  Emery and Michelle have already discussed this course at length, so I will not bore you with the details.

Any other thoughts for people considering joining the KD family?
The most important thing to consider is that you have to be very disciplined to stick to the work on your own.  No one is going to be there making sure you read the material and attend the Breeze sessions.  Also, it is very important to have a strong support structure in your personal life.  I would not be nearing the end of the program without my wife.  She has been very supportive and I think that is as important as anything.

Well, KD, that's Brian! He's another great member of the KD family. Until next time, catch you later!!

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