Thursday, April 15, 2010

MBA for the Family Man/Woman

Many people want to get an MBA but come up with lots of reasons not to go after it. Some say it’s not worth the money; the ROI doesn’t make any sense! Others know they want to get it because they desire the knowledge but find it difficult to justify for that reason alone. The majority those who are nearing 30+ years old find it difficult to tackle because they feel they are on a particular path already and aren’t committed to getting another degree. They are too busy with life and, for many people, the family they have begun to build. I delayed my MBA for all of these reasons. I began by getting a masters in engineering but knew my ultimate goal was to complete my MBA. I finished my MSE and was not very motivated to continue my education from a time perspective. I had a new daughter and didn’t see how I could fit it all into my life. I decided to give it a year or so and see what my thoughts were at that time. As time went on, I realized my original goal of obtaining my MBA was even more important to me. So I decided to apply to Kelley Direct and was accepted. During my 3rd quarter of the program, my 2nd child was born. It was amazing to be able to continue my education while having a new child and really not miss out on any of my schooling. With the flexibility of the classes offered by Kelley Direct, you can manage major life changes while keeping up with your studies. It was not uncommon for me to be awake at random hours of the night taking care of kids or taking care of class work. It may sound like a lot but anyone can accomplish this. For me, there was no better way to continue to enhance my learning and progress my career while balancing life events. Kelley Direct provides an outstanding education from one of the best business schools in the country with the flexibility needed for a family oriented professional.

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