Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Break

On "winter break" from my one class this semester, C521 - Managing Accounting Information for Decision Making with Prof. Eric Johnson. This gives me a chance to catch my breath, as I feel with work, school, and family (and oh yeah, studying for the CPA), I've been going full throttle for the past few months.

I'm well into my third Kelley Direct class, and thus far everything is going great. Fall semester, Quantitative Analysis (C520) was an amazing class. Profs. Venkat, Cutshall, and Soni did a great job, and exceeded my expectations going into the class. In fact, going into it I thought "hey, I'm an excel expert and if I have one strength, it's my analytical ability, so this class should be a breeze". I was dead wrong, not only did I find myself rethinking how I view excel, I even found the class more challenging that some math and stats classes I had while in engineering school. I did well in the class in the end, and consider myself changed in the way I view excel and the way I think about certain problems.

I'm going to use this break from class to try to get caught up on work, get a good head start on studying for the next part of the CPA (2 of 4 done), and try to get ahead on C521 readings.